Sueños Earbuds

    • Our patented 3D SUPERNATURAL SOUND transforms your listening experience. Feel like you’re on-stage or in the theater at the press of a button. Reinvigorate any recording, movie, or TV show with patented 3D SUPERNATURAL SOUND. The earbuds implement a proprietary frequency and linear array structure to create the illusion of 3-dimensional sound. With 3D SUPERNATURAL SOUND, you’ll be able to clearly hear sounds from in front of and behind you, as well as left and right
    • Composite 10mm drivers produce a perfectly balanced combination of deep bass, perfect mid-range, and crystal clear trebles
    • Super-elastic suspension won’t distort at any volume level and is sensitive enough to pick up on even the most subtle notes
    • Silicone ear tips form a comfortable, custom fit
    • Molded comfort silicone neckband gently rests on your shoulders for comfort and convenience
    • Voice isolating microphone and handsfree controls
    • View battery life from your device’s screen
    • Compatible with Apple and Android OS
    • Magnetic earbud ends
    • Maximum range and bandwidth
    • Molded, ergonomically engineered earbuds are carefully designed to create a comfortable, secure fit in your ears
    • Play, pause, skip or repeat tracks, and adjust volume using the built-in controls
    • Access your device’s mobile assistant
    • Signature Tuning by Carlos Santana
    • Included: Earbuds, 3 sets of Silicone Ear Tips, Charging Cable, Manual
  • Product Name: Sueños
    Model No.: UPS100
    UPC: 850006730018
    Download Instruction Manual

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